We have a team of veteran and erudite Lawyers who have years of involvement in the similar field. We support our clients in setting up and growing the business of Cannabis products. Taken from licensing to regulatory compliances, real estate to financial transaction, banking to other taxation and documentation; we are a one stop resolution to augment your business.

We help our clients with suitable legal counsels and help them resolving every issue they might face while running their business. We even guide our clients for possible business involvements that they might face in their future.

Our Areas of Focus

Cannabis Law

Our proficiency is to make our clients mindful about all the prevailing rules and regulations in the industry. Giving them the perfect location ideas to expand and scale their business around Michigan.

Cannabis Property

Our expertise has extensive years of involvement in handling real estate transactions and efficacious property deals. We help our clients to choose appropriate location to grow Cannabis and locations that is perfect for their set up.

Marijuana Microbusiness

Taken from facilitating our clients with setting up their business and company, to project financing; we do it all. We guide wannabe business owners with case studies and share enough knowledge that aids them to start their venture.

Hemp Law

Our Hemp Law expertise will upkeep the willing clients in Hemp farming and setting up their trade in Michigan. Trading of the hemp and hemp products in the counterparts of the country and the varying rules in each location.


We have years of understanding in assisting our clients in exporting CBD oil across the world, being safeguard from the remaining commandments and licenses to run the importing and exporting activities without any hassle.

Marijuana Law

We are acquainted with how to relieve our clients to be utterly get out of any criminal offence while growing Marijuana in USA. We at the first place try to help them getting the obligatory authorizations to run the business and afterward guide them time to time.

Medical Marijuana

Our clients have legalized medical marijuana bills to run their business and are aware of all guidelines about it. There are many cases where growing Marijuana is legalized. We help our clients to get connected with pharmaceuticals who produces medical drugs out of Marijuana.

Licensing and Regulatory

Getting our clients the prerequisite licenses and making them recognized to the regulatory; we have expertise in all. Our clients will tell you how our team exchange the information and keep them up to date with changing amendments.

Cannabis Business Services

Completion of all required documentation to cultivate Cannabis and producing Cannabis products out of it to running the business with ease, we are in every step.

Our attorneys can

  • Help you with required knowledge of the field and the current cannabis market
  • Help you to prepare all the documents required to attain your marijuana licenses and other documents while running your legal marijuana business.
  • Handle your legal preparations, negotiations and contracts with financial and legal bodies.
  • Provide legal analysis of your venture and will make you aware of required taxes applied in Michigan, federal governments and other countries.
  • Help you manage your internal legal affairs
  • Help you maintain business relations with stake holders and other diligences.