You’re Losing Money by Not Growing Cannabis


Cannabis companies around the world especially those in Canada and in the United States of America has always shown the potentiality to generate a good income from time to time, but involved major risks and legal issues which have time to time affected the mode of investments.  Cannabis not only is used as a depressive drug but also has its own medication values as well.  Specific species of Cannabis are used for producing hemp fiber which is used for paper, textile and clothing purposes as well. Now if I say that you are losing money by not growing cannabis it can sound pretty confusing and contradictory, but this is very much true and happening.  Before we dig deep into this matter lets check out few of the avenues in relation to Cannabis growing.

•    Cannabis growers

America, Canada, and other nations are always on the hunt for professional and good Cannabis growers due to its huge demand and requirement worldwide.  The work basically involves testing their quality, quantity, maintenance and coordinating with the process involved.  Production companies generally take a lease of acres of land for growing cannabis and help Cannabis growers to enhance their productivity and growth potentials.  Months of proper nourishment and nurturing of the plant is done in order to provide good quality of Cannabis plant.  Most of the growers are certified and have years of experience in yielding the right quality for use.  According to stats large-scale grows are expected to earn between $80,000 and $120,000 per year which is quite handsome.  This has, in turn, encouraged many individuals to turn their focus on Cannabis growing. A bachelor degree or higher certification in horticulture, agronomy related field or agriculture is enough to do the trick.

•    Biggest weed plantation

Though cannabis is a name that needs no introduction today to anybody still there has been a legal barrier that prevails in growing it through plantation process.  The resources for funding this plantation is still very limited and even today one needs to look upon private financers to lend money for the productivity.  But bearing all the odds in mind still, Massachusetts has witnessed a business park that covers around 1 million square feet which is enough to encourage others.  In terms of monetary gains, there is extremely high potential added to it but as stated can be really challenging to wrap up the whole process from scratch to finish.

According to the stats obtained, around 22 million pounds of marijuana grows each year in America alone which itself speaks about the verse huge amount of production output.  Thus we can state that marijuana is one of the biggest weed plantations around the world.

Other than America and Canada, Mexico contains one of the biggest weed plantation and production for weeds and one of the biggest weed plantations in the world.  It was found in the middle of the dessert in Mexico that around 300 acre of plot has been used for this sole purpose of growing weed.

•    Cannabis greenhouse

It has been found that Mexico, Eastern Texas and Southern California fan and pad systems works excellent for Cannabis greenhouse growers.  It must be kept in mind that extreme condition of Cannabis greenhouse can cause the inverse effect to the cannabis growth.  There are different companies around the globe who are good at growing Marijuana greenhouse and growth of indoor cannabis.  They have a perfect condition for this project and maintain an ideal temperature for huge productivity. In this regards, it must be always kept in mind that facilities and greenhouse making style directly affects productivity and is one of the most primary requirements of growing cannabis.  Proper space utilization along with heating capabilities and absorption of heat also plays a key part in this process.  A proper supplement of light, cooling facility, and proper irrigation techniques must be mastered before one intends to start a cannabis greenhouse.

•    Cannabis growers in Michigan

Michigan has always been in the limelight for the growth of cannabis and legalizing its use.  According to the law, Adults over 21 are now legally eligible to possess and smoke marijuana on private property which is great news of Cannabis growers in Michigan.  Recreational marijuana use has certainly provided a huge amount of business thus encouraging Cannabis growers in Michigan to produce as much as they possibly could.  

Due to this very reason growers in Michigan are trying hard to create Marijuana Dispensary Business Plan, Marijuana Business Corporate Structure and acquire the necessary licenses for operation.  The Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation (BMMR) had laid dispensaries, marijuana cultivators, processors, testing facilities and transporters for this purposes to help encourage the Cannabis growers in Michigan.

•    Michigan Marijuana Laws

Looking at the vast popularity of growing marijuana among the inhabitants of this land there are certain laws that the Government of Michigan has undertaken.  This law is properly known as the Michigan Marijuana Laws.  The law is enforced in order to protect any illegal activities in relation to the use of marijuana.  The Michigan Marijuana Laws does not interfere with the general criminal laws which include the prohibition of smoking of marijuana in public place and it does not allow anybody or an individual cannot sell it in public.

Now speaking about the law, it has all been specified under the law about how much one can grow and where to grow.  Individuals are not allowed to grow them if they are visible from public places without the use of binoculars, aircraft, or other optical aids.  A restricted area is must for the growing of marijuana

•   Conclusion

Other than Michigan there are other states in America alone who are growing a good amount of marijuana like California, Alaska, Massachusetts, and others.  Now one thing is clear to all that as days are passing by Marijuana business is really getting impressive in terms of generating money and thus one is losing money by not growing cannabis.


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