Cannabis Commercial Real Estate opportunity in Michigan


Acquiring a suitable real estate property can be a burdening task for people who want to know how to become a commercial cannabis grower. Funding is another big problem for individuals that are willing to get into the cannabis-related businesses. The reason behind this is; most financial institutions and credit agencies don’t approve loans for marijuana loans to acquire or buy commercial properties for different marijuana-based activities. Due to this factor, the demand for cannabis funding options keeps increasing by the day.

If you are wondering how to become a cannabis grower in Michigan there’s a lot of things that in need to know. First of all, nothing other than medical marijuana has a tremendous growth that it has seen. Due to its exponential growth, cannabis industry is expected to attain over 100 billion USD in the year 2029. Taking these factors into consideration, people from different walks of life have been venturing into the medical marijuana industry.

Growing cannabis – things you should know

Although, people get into this business everyday, some people find it hard to get the funds to carry out their business. When it comes to growing medical marijuana legal, even people with money have a hard time finding a suitable property. There are also people who have the real estate requirements, but not the finds to start their business. In such a scenario, aspiring entrepreneurs or startups can try getting private funding for their businesses. Anyone getting into this business needs to know that capital funding procedure for cannabis works in several ways. Funding is required for one or all of the aspects like refinancing an existing cannabis property, leasing a new property, first seed and many more. Let dig in deeper to find more information about growing marijuana legal.

Different ways to medical marijuana

Medical marijuana growing is a process that requires several things put together to get the business up and running. Other than real estate and capital funding, there are also other areas that cannabis business owners need to focus on. Growing marijuana can be done in different ways. So, people need to determine which method will work for them. The growing method is based on various factors such as commitment, money, time and circumstances. Business owners also need to understand that growing cannabis using different methods has it owns benefits as well as disadvantages.

When it comes to medical marijuana growing, any method can work out for dedicated cannabis growers. However, the outcomes depends on what kinds of efforts and hard work they put in the process. For instance, cannabis crops have a lot of threats to face. Lack of water, improper fertilizer, animal and bugs that eat the crops are some of the most common threats. Entrepreneurs who want high-quality cannabis should put a great amount of efforts regardless of which method they are using to grow marijuana.

An insight cannabis growing methods

Now, you may wonder where or how to begin. The first step is getting clones or seeds to get the business started. Once, the first step is taken, people should choose a medical marijuana growing method. Let us have a look at a few methods of growing cannabis.

1.Plain Dirt

Using plain dirt for cannabis growing is one of the traditional methods. You can just grow cannabis like you would grow other plants. However, you need to make sure that the soil is good and properly fertilized and watered.


  • This method is usually cheaper and easier than most other methods for growing marijuana in Michigan or any other state where marijuana is legalized.
  • Normal quality fertilizers can be used for this method.


  • There are chances for losing a cannabis crop or get poor results due to the imbalance of nutrients and minerals in the soil.
  • Yields may not be equal to the other cannabis growing methods.

So, it is wise to get from cannabis business consultants wth good reputation and experience in the industry.

2. Rock Wool/Coco Fiber

Making use of inert mediums rather then soil for holding the roots eliminates the problems concerning quality of the soil.


  • This method is as easy as the plain soil method.
  • The yields are better when compared to growing cannabis in plain soil.
  • It is simple and cheap just like plain soil method.
  • The procedure is usually cleaner with little mess and fewer bugs.


  • Needs special fertilizers that are pretty expensive.
  • Needs Coco fiber which is not too expensive. However, finding local stockists can be difficult.

3. Hydroponics

This method is all about growing cannabis in a material like gravel, without vegetable matter or soil in the mixture. In this method, the gravel would be held in troughs or pots. Special fertilizers will be added lightly to water that has poured through the growth medium. An immediate difference between the roots grown in soil and  those that are grown in hydroponics, can be seen.


1. This method will give bigger yields when compared to other two methods discussed above.

2. Cleaner yields as there is no soil involved in the process.


The hydroponics method is very expensive as it needs purchase of reservoirs for holding fertilizer mix/water, and pumps and troughs. This process needs a lot of space as it will take a lot of equipment. Hence,bit becomes our responsibility to consult a professional cannabis business service provider for growing marijuana in Michigan.

Where to get help for starting cannabis business

Now that people can enjoy pot at the convenience of their homes, a huge potential is there for people who looking for a cannabis business opportunity. This is because, a whole industry is there for catering to and supporting these individuals. Having a look at the American can uncover innovative ideas and a lot of cannabis business-related opportunities. Such opportunities can inject right into the emerging legal marijuana business in the US market. If you intend to get into legal marijuana business and looking for a reliable cannabis business opportunity, you need to find a reputable marijuana business consultant. Such a service provider can help you with anything and everything related to the cannabis business.


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